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Name : Rabdosia[003

Chinese Name : 冬凌草

Latin Name : Herba Rabdosiae


This herb is the dried whole plant of  Rabdosia rubescens (Hems) Hara of the family Labiatae. It is grown in the northern provinces of China. Rabdosia is an antipyretic. A detoxicant, a blood-circulation activating agent, and an anodyne, as well as an antitumor agent.

Use of Rabdosia in TCM

Bitter in taste and cool, it acts on the lung meridian.

Effects, Medicinal Uses, and Combinations

  1. Antitumorous: rabdosia in a decoction is used in China for malignant tumors, specifically esophageal, breast, liver, stomach, lung, and thyroid cancers. It can be used alone or with other anticancer herbs.
  2. Relieves Heat and detoxifies: for common colds, flu, fever, acute laryngitis, pharyngitis, and bronchitis, rabdosia is used alone in a decoction
  3. Invigorates blood circulation and relieves pain: for arthralgia, swollen joints, and  pain, it is used in a decoction


In a decoction of 30 to 60 g or as a tincture


The herb is potent. Do not overdose

Side Effects and Toxicity

As reported in classical Chinese materia medica, the herb may cause nausea, stomach pain, a feeling  of fullness in the stomach, and diarrhea after administering the herb to cancer patients.

Pharmacological Findings

Rabdosia is antimicrobial and antitumor.