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Health Benefits of Coffee


It’s good for your brain: Let’s begin with benefits for your brain. Those who regularly drink coffee are less likely to get Parkinson’s disease or dementia. There are some more interesting influences: ability to reason increases, short-term memory improves and reaction time quickens. When you feel worn up after long day at the office cup of coffee may help you sharpen your performance. Consuming caffeine before important test will improve your focus. However consuming too much coffee creates addiction. If you drink morning coffee regularly but you believe that you are not addicted to it put yourself on test – try not having it for a few days.

How much is too Much?

Average person weighs 150 pounds. If you are an average person feel free to consume up to 400 mg of caffeine per day. That is about one to two 16-ounce cups. If you drink four or more cups a day it can lead to some unpleasant side effects such as: insomnia, restlessness, irritability, fast heartbeat, stomach upset, nervousness and muscle tremors.

It’s good for your body

Most important benefit for body – drinking coffee reduces the risk of certain cancers, strokes, Type 2 Diabetes and heart problems. It is not clear how it works but studies have shown that high coffee consumption decreases risk of liver cancer and liver cirrhosis. Coffee is brilliant source of antioxidants and these prevent diseases above. It also contains minerals: chromium and magnesium. Those minerals help the body use the hormone insulin. Insulin is important because it controls blood sugar but in type 2 diabetes it couldn’t be used effectively.

Drinking coffee prevents dehydration. Despite the myths a cup of coffee will hydrate your body same as glass of water. All of the water in coffee can be retained in body because amount of caffeine in a regular coffee can’t produce a dehydrating effect.

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For those who work out

Caffeine increases your physical performance. If you drink coffee before a workout you will be able to work out harder and longer, your activities will seem less difficult and you will use your time at the gym more efficient and effective. It will also make you run or work out faster. Caffeine improves the body’s ability to burn fat, it affects your brain’s interpretation of exhaustion, it improves focus and it releases calcium into the muscles (that increases their power).

How many Calories in Coffee?

A cup of brewed coffee has no fat at all and only two calories, but if you drink coffee with extras you must count extra calories. Fat-free milk has 5 calories, table sugar 49 and heavy whipping cream 52!

There is also a fact that if you drink coffee over the long term it reduces your metabolism and that causes you to gain weight. It is good for workout but not so good for diet.

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