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Paleo Diet Results – Does it work for Weight Loss?

Paleo Diet

With the amazing health benefits associated with the Paleolithic or caveman diet, it is no surprise that an increasing number of people show interest in following it in order to ensure effective weight loss and general well being. What sometimes end up discouraging them, however, are the comparatively higher rates of food products that are permissible as part of the primal food list. The rising food prices become an additional woe for them and they are compelled to leave the program midway even before they see any Paleo diet results. The good news is that there are ways to cut costs on the grocery shopping you do for your Paleolithic diet plan.

Paleo Diet

How to ensure Paleo diet results on a budget:

With a variety of expenses that people have to meet each day, it is understandable that they may find it hard to afford the relatively expensive food items on the Paleo list. They can, however, adhere to this healthy lifestyle and save money at the same time by following these simple tips:

Start from home: While raising buffalos and pigs may not be easy for those living in urban areas, breeding chickens in your own backyard is certainly possible. You can research more about small scale poultry farming and how it can be started from home. Having a mini chicken farm at home will also solve your problem of buying eggs, providing you a handful of them each day which will be enough to suffice for your whole family.

Additionally, you can grow your own vegetables and fruits if you have an empty lot within your house’s premises. The concept of kitchen gardens is certainly very helpful for those who are not able to see Paleo diet results due to budgetary constraints. If you do not have sufficient space to plant the vegetation, you can even make use of idle cartons or boxes to grow vegetables such as spinach, salad greens, tomatoes and even herbs like basil.

Stock things up in bulk: This tip is particularly helpful in cutting costs on non-perishable or long lasting food items such as oil. Whether you prefer olive or coconut oil, you can easily buy them in wholesale or if they are offered on a discounted price somewhere and store them easily for a longer period of time.

Since free-range meat is one of the most expensive food items on the Paleolithic diet, you can save money on it by buying it in bulk quantities directly from a farm and freeze it. Farm rates are generally cheaper than what you will end up paying at a retail store. Moreover, when bought from the farmers directly, you can be assured that the meat was indeed extracted from organically raised and fed animals, especially if you have your doubts about the claims different brands make.

Buy cheaper portions of meats: Buying boneless cuts is relatively more expensive than the bone-in cuts of meats. If you are up for de boning the meat yourself, this could be an effective way of saving your costs while ensuring Paleo diet results. Similarly, buying whole fish or chicken is also much cheaper than cuts. With a little bit of effort, you can cut these two up by yourself and save yourself the trouble of spending extra on buying filets.

Additionally, you can cut costs on purchasing meat by incorporating organs like liver, kidneys and heart in your meals. Organs are not only inexpensive, but are also richer in nutrients like iron and vitamin A than regular meat.

Focus on seasonal fruits and vegetables: Whenever you go out to shop for vegetarian items at your local farmer’s market, be on the lookout for fruits and vegetables that are grown during the current season. With seasonal farming produce, the farmers are in a hurry to sell off the items due to the fear that they will lose their freshness within a day.

Their concerns are especially high since they have a larger stock of in-season vegetables and fruits, which you will always find them eager to sell at cheaper rates. You can buy these vegetables in bigger bulk and freeze them for later use, either by canning them at home or by cutting them up in the form of a salad.

Make your own salad dressings and seasonings: Instead of spending extra money on salad dressings, you can explore a few dressing recipes on your own with the help of internet and cookbooks that focus primarily on the Paleolithic diet. The best thing about making your salad dressings hands-on is the fact that you get to experiment with different flavors and ingredients that can also let you create variety in your caveman diet menu.

You can even make your own pickles and sauces at home to complement your meals and achieve optimum Paleo diet results.

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